the process begins with you

For the vast majority of our clients, buying a work of art is not an everyday thing. Nor do they have time to search through art galleries, attend art fairs, or keep up with the ever-changing variety of art offered today. Yet, still want a quality piece(s) of art that they love. Then know that it will be size appropriate and flows beautifully with the colors and other components in the space. This is where Siiro Art Source & Consulting fits perfectly to suit your needs. We attend art fairs, visit galleries, meet with a wide variety of artists, and keeping our eyes open for unique artwork everywhere we go. And with today's technology, we have the ability to digitally drop in artwork into an image of a space to answer those questions of size, color, and overall appreciation.

Z ROOM.png

During our initial meeting, we will evaluate your space on location, discuss existing art and get a feel for your overall vision for the space. We will take photos of your space, allowing measurements to be done digitally. From there, we can see if choices fit for size, color, and appreciation. As you can see in the samples below, the mood of the space changes.